Heated Ice Cream Scoop Melts Frozen Treats With Free Thermo Energy

Scoop What? ScoopTHAT! II – Latest Ice Cream Scooping Technology

Scoop that really cold, hard ice cream with Scoop THAT! II – a high-tech scooping tool made from the latest ice cream scooping technologies. It is the first ever thermo-ring heated ice cream scooper, along with a specially designed non-stick ice cream bowl, that uses focused heat to scoop those really cold flavors of ice cream. Ice cream that is sooooo cold, it bends standard spoons when you try to scoop it.

Never bend another spoon with Scoop THAT! II, that’s right! Your spoons are safe, and you can save more time from rescuing that ice-cold ice cream from the confines of a box or plastic container. The ‘Scoop’ produces a perfect ball of ice cream every time, because of the heat from its internal biodegradable liquid located in the handle. Heat travels down these fish bone shaped fins to provide an effective heat source to drill/scoop through even the hardest frozen ice creams.

No batteries are needed, because the room temperature and the heat from your hand are harvested into the handle of the Scoop THAT! II. It is very impressive ice cream scooping technology, and, it’s easy to operate and clean, even a kid could use it.

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