HealthBox Fitness System Monitors You 24/7 So You’ll Live Longer

Let’s face it, your body gets you where you need to go and lets you enjoy all this world has to offer, if it is in good shape. That is the problem, getting into shape and then staying in shape. Most people who are successful at getting into shape and staying that way is through the help of a trainer, someone usually found at a gym, but not everyone has the time to go to the gym regularly and avail of the services of a personal trainer.

There is now a way to get your own personal trainer, at home, without going to the gym and paying a personal trainer to follow you around and ‘make-sure’ you do your exercises. How is that possible? It is possible with the UA Healthbox – the world’s first Connect Fitness System that coaches you throughout the day, and throughout the months, to help you reach your fitness goals.

The UA Healthbox will record your physical progress and help you find ways to improve as the days pass utilizing digital devices such as a heart rate monitor, and mobile apps that will keep track of the food you eat and the quality of your sleep, to ensure your eating right and getting the rest your body needs.

This is a physical fitness system that is geared towards serious athletes and those aspiring to be as competitive as possible.


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Like having your own personal trainer, 24/7.

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