Hawaiian Pizza Bedding Will Give You The Fattest Dreams

This is Surely the Most Delicious Looking Bedding Ever…

If you’re the sort to dream of pizza, then why not encourage those culinary thoughts with bedding designed to look like a Hawaiian Pizza? From a distance this bedding looks surprisingly like a perfectly normal/reasonable abstract design in red, yellow and pink evoking autumnal feelings. Get closer though and it’s quite clearly the classic pizza topping that will get your mouth watering, and set the stage for fattening dreams that will have you sleepwalking to your fridge at 3am. You’ll probably want to refrain from smoking pot before going to bed as you’ll likely eat your comforter during the night.

This set includes: pillow cover & quilt cover

It’s a great homage to a great pizza and definitely a bit of fun. But if you’re not a fan pineapple then rest assured that the makers – Emotional Rollercoaster – also have a Pepperoni option. Sadly no tuna topping is available yet though…

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Pizza Bedding
Various bedding that looks like pizza


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