Hatchimals Are Like Real Tamagotchis That Magically Hatch Out Of Real Eggs The More You Play

Are you looking for a unique birthday gift for your child, one that will be remember for the rest of their lives? Well, then Hatchimals is what you seek – magical creatures waiting to be hatch from an egg.

It’s nearly a football sized egg that holds a cute little creature that will hatch open when it is played with long enough, about 10 minutes, an infinitely long time for small children.

However, the waiting is worth it, once the Hatchimals begins to hatch and break the egg open. When that happens, make sure you are there because that shared memory will last a life time, that’s the real gift.

Once these little bird-like creatures hatch out of their eggs, they will grow through 3 stages – baby, toddler, and kid. Children will have fun taking care of them as these can walk, dance, and play games, it will even parrot words spoken to it in, using its own voice.









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The more you play, the faster they hatch!

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