Hasbro Pie Face Game Splats You In The Face With Delicious Whipped Cream

Want to really liven up your next friendly get-together? Anymore, we only play games that exact some stakes from players that come up on the short end of a round,

Unlike the last time we played a marathon game of Monopoly for the deeds to our grandparents’ houses, Hasbro’s Pie Face! involves practically no strategy whatsoever. Like our personal favorite contest, four-way Russian Roulette, this is a whimsical game of pure chance. Start by loading up the mechanical pie-thrower’s arm with some delicious whipped cream or the included wet sponge in its “hand”. Once you’ve set up, players take turns positioning their faces staring down the wet goodness while giving the crank a turn. When will the switch flip and splatter someone in the kisser with moist, messy goodness? Nobody knows, but every turn without getting pie-faced earns a point and the first player to 25 wins.

See? Like that drunken hook-up with that third step-cousin you had instant “funny” feelings for at the last family reunion, it only SEEMS risky.


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8.5 Total Score
It's like russian roulette, more sugary , less bloody.

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