Harry Potter Triwizard Cup Lamp Offers A Victor’s Glory, Soft Light Without Battling Voldemort

For all but one wizard chosen by the Goblet of Fire, the opportunity to grasp the Triwizard Cup was the most important day of their lives.

For Harry Potter, it was a Tuesday.

When we think about everything The Boy Who Lived had endured prior to being tossed into the Triwizard Tournament in his fourth year at Hogwarts, it becomes a fair assumption that the kid probably had ice water in his veins. Once you’ve saved the omnipotent Philosopher’s Stone from He Who Shall Not Be Named, slain a basilisk, and fought for the freedom of your accused-murderer godfather, your standards for intimidation have probably hit a fairly ballsy threshold. Our daddy-bags retract into our stomachs when the elderly grocery cashier notices we’re three items over the express checkout lane’s limit.

Luckily for you, proudly displaying this exclusive ThinkGeek-original Triwizard Cup Lamp on a plinth of honor in your own home doesn’t demand the bludgers between your legs to face down a revived Lord Voldemort after touching it and being sucked into a graveyard. A credit card will do just fine. Claiming it richly rewards its holder with the soft glow of its non-replaceable white LEDs, perfect for binge-reading all seven Harry Potter novels on a frosty winter weekend over a mug of butterbeer.


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