Hands Omni Glove Lets People Touch Virtual Objects In Games

Do you remember a lackluster experience in the 1990’s attempt at virtual reality gaming with the Virtual Boy? A group of engineers at Rice University is trying to make that nightmarish memory a thing of the past with a Hands Omni glove that will allow gamers to actually feel objects within a game with a force feedback touch.
No, you haven’t gone insane. This prototype is looking to shake up the gaming experience of the future. According to Thor Walker, the glove essentially uses air to inflate pockets beneath your fingers and relies on haptic feedback to create the intended sensation of touch.

While this clever product is far from complete, one can’t help but feel the starry-eyed wonder as we imagine a fully-immersive video game world of sight and touch.

How long you do think before the porn industry gets their “virtual hands” on this tech?

Source – Gizmag

Force Feedback Controllers
Force Feedback Controllers
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