Handmade Blown Glass Sculptures Of Spiders and Critters Are Tiny Life Masterpieces

Glassworks has been around a few thousand years, impressive have been some of the art created. But, that was then, and this now. Now, amazing glass sculpture can be crafted that are nothing less than lifelike looking, especially when painted.

Animals such as spiders, scorpions, octopi, fish, mice and even plants and flowers are some of the amazing life-like sculptures that are created out of blown glass. These amazing handmade blown sculptures are brought to life by Glass Symphony – a glass artist named Nikita Drachuk, from Ukraine.

Once you’ve seen the life-like glass blown pieces, the first question you ask your self is, “how does he do that?” It is a glass blowing technique called ‘lampworking’ – colored glass rods are melted using extreme heat with a torch to create detailed shapes with amazing results, especially in the hands of a true artist like Nikita Drachuk.

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Beautifully creepy works of art

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