Handitaur Finger Puppet Makes A Magical Wonderland Wherever Your Digits Roam

The magic of myth is now right at home in your hands. Hey, even better news: that’s no longer strictly the opinion of that one slow-witted son, daughter, niece, nephew or neighborhood crumb-snatcher that whose ear you “pull a quarter out of” just to get them away from you for five minutes.

Quite the opposite, in fact. Thanks to the unbridled power the Handitaur Finger Puppet that turns your very digits into a half-man, half-equine BMF of cutesy destruction, enjoy infinite battles of raging magic power wherever you would let your fingers do the walkin’.

Parents, you know imagination is so often lost on today’s young. Here’s your invitation to teach them to savor the world on a new level. Have Barbie run off with this handsome, virile beast just to teach Ken how a real mannish animal claims a lady. Got Hot Wheels? Demonstrate just how many times more fun THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS would’ve been if some great feral, magical man-beast had grabbed a Honda Civic and lobbed it like a half-full Pepsi can. Our personal favorite? Buy a Todd MacFarlane horror figurine and stage YouTube’s next viral monster-versus-monster crossover sensation in glorious stop-motion.

If you’re a parent, make a pact with your progeny to let Cecil the Centaur run roughshod on their dioramas if they bring home high grades. Single and childless? Blow off some steam wreaking cloven-hoofed havoc on a co-worker’s desk, then make a break for it, complete with horsey noises when you’re found out.

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