Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Refrigerator Doors Completes Your Star Wars Kitchen

Right behind ‘cats doing stupid things‘, ‘Star Wars stuff‘ has got to be one of the most popular subject matters on the internet.

You can get pretty much any object shaped like something from Star Wars and the merchandise for this franchise has got to be some of the most inventive and original in the world.

But while a lot of Star Wars kitchen items are cool, Han Solo refrigerator door has to be one of the best we’ve ever seen.

Everyone remembers the scene where Han gets frozen in Carbonite and it’s a pretty iconic image. And some genuine genius somewhere has realized that metallic fridge/freezers look pretty much exactly like blocks of carbonite.

So it would be a pretty easy fix to create a fridge door with Han Solo pressing up against it and you would have about the most awesome kitchen appliance in the world, ever.

Unfortunately these doors aren’t real – they’re just PhotoShopped. But that’s not to say that idea isn’t actually incredible. And seeing as it would be relatively easy to make, the more people see this, the more likely it is that we might one day see the items for real. You could even have some kind of adhesive that does this. Come on someone, we want them now!

Source – B3ta board


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