Han Solo In Carbonite 3D Wall Sculpture Hangs Where Jaba Wants – In Your Home

We can confirm the following after some police calls that very confused 911 dispatcher will never forget: state and federal statutes explicitly prohibit freezing an adult human being and hanging him or her on a wall. Sorry, Duane from Accounting, we are anything but sorry. You were going to be a scientific pioneer in cryogenics. Now? You’re just the guy whose lunch we steal every day. You could’ve been both, Duane. You could’ve been both.

You know, it’s as though ThinkGeek had a feeling we would try breaking down the barriers between humanity and home decor. Sure, there are implications we remind them of Jabba the Hut in some way, but when you give us a Han Solo in Carbonite Novelty Desk Light, there’s a lot we’re willing to overlook.

Our favorite scruffy-looking, nerf-herding scoundrel comes with his own removable stand to stand along atop our desk or hang flush against a nearby wall to shine down a red LED glow until turned off with a handy switch. To save batteries, just depress the instrument panel on the left side of the carbonite casing.

This 18″x10.5″x2″ wall-hanging lights up with three AA batteries, not included with your order.


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Perfect centerpiece for any home or office

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