Hamper Hoops Brings Basketball To Laundry For Keeping Dirty Clothes Off The Floor

Kids between the ages of 4-54 often need help directing their dirty clothes in a direction toward the nearest laundry basket. Fortunately, like pets, human males can also learn new tricks. If you have a human kid, big or small, and you want to teach them to stop throwing their dirty clothes on the ground, then you may need some help.

There is now a new type of training tool available that helps to train boys of all ages to throw their dirty clothes into a basket, instead of all over the floor. It’s called Hamper Hoops, and it’s the best thing that’s happen to moms, wives and unfortunate roommates that have to live around floors littered with dirty clothes.

How does the Hamper Hoops work? It’s simple, the design of the Hamper Hoops is meant to stimulate a man’s inner desire to throw objects into round holes such as a basket. When men see a basket like Hamper Hoops, they instinctively want to throw their dirty clothes into it. It’s truly a brilliant idea, and an effective must have training tool.

Hamper Hoops Laudry Basketball 3Hamper Hoops Laudry Basketball 2Hamper Hoops Laudry Basketball 1

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