Hammerhead One Provides Perfect Hands-Free GPS Guidance For Cyclists

If there’s one time when distracted driving could arguably be recommended LESS than when behind the wheel of a car, it would be when navigating an unfamiliar and potentially dangerous route on a bicycle. Luckily, Hammerhead One is your next two-wheel trek’s ideal Bluetooth Low Energy-compatible co-pilot projecting navigation instruction in real time from your smartphone to your peripheral vision.

With an impressively conservative battery drain, the Hammerhead One is designed to plot your course for up to 10 hours from a single charge, meaning you’ll likely tap out before its power supply does. Once you pair it with its companion app, it will offer you the most enjoyable and safe route to guide you anywhere even in torrential rain and down craggy, rough trails. Even in direct sunlight or inclement precipitation, its visibility never fails while exploring new routes built by its customizable Distance, Scenery, Nature, Hills or Weather preferences.

It’s a huge world. Equip a Hammerhead, and ride on.


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