Half Pint Glass is ACTUALLY a Pint Glass Cut In Half

When you ask for half a pint in a bar, you generally expect to get a pint in a glass that’s half the height/width. This way you can drink more slowly and/or safely. Though if you’re like most people you’ll just drink twice as much, still get drunk and waste a lot more money in the process.

Drinking Half Pint Glass

But that’s by the by. Point is, what you don’t expect is for your bartender to take a pint of beer and then saw it in half straight down the middle. That would be a wise-ass thing to do and it would also make a mess and waste a lot of good beer.

Half Pint Glass Size Glass Cut In Half  

The Half Pint Glass though is exactly that concept with none of the mess. It’s a great gag to play on friends who ask for half a pint and if a bar would serve these it would probably get a lot of free publicity and really entertain its guests.

It does fall over a little more easily but it’s well shaped for propping up against a wall. Then it looks like it’s emerging mysteriously into the bar…

Half Pint Glass

So all in all, the Thumbs Up Half Pint Glass gets a… thumbs up!

Half Pint Glass in 2


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