Guzzle Buddy Let’s You Drink Wine Directly From The Bottle With A Touch Of Class

The Guzzle Buddy answers the question that haunts many a practical-minded oenophile: isn’t a wine bottle just a giant glass itself?

As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what the Guzzle Buddy proposes. It’s an oversized 480ml lead-free borosilicate glass that eliminates the whole seconds you’ve been wasting for years actually pouring your wine before downing it. This accessory screws right into any wine bottle with a silicone base designed to create a perfect seal which gently aerates the Jesus juice as you sip. The Guzzle Buddy is cleverly designed for easy drinking, easy cleaning, and all-around smarter boozing when you just want to be too drunk to spell “dignity,” let alone think about it.

It’s a classy gift that makes a lasting statement at any wedding, graduation, bachelorette/bachelor party, anniversary, birthday, house-warming, or intervention: “You have a drinking problem. Here’s the solution.”







Source – BoredPanda

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What's wrong? It's only a glass.

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