This Guy Has Built the Ultimate Zombie Weapon!

Spend all your time thinking about ways to kill zombies? Your friends may tease you now but they’ll be laughing out of the other side of their face once the zombie apocalypse arrives! Literally that is, because zombies will have ripped half their faces off…

Don’t worry – this guy gets you. Joerg Sprave is a slinghost master and all-round awesome guy who has developed a device for crushing zombie skulls. It’s called the ‘Skull Tongs’ and works by essentially hammering the skull from either side. Just press the weapon against the head of your undead attacker, then pull the trigger and the two hammers will swing out from either side and make mincemeat out of them.

This is very important see, as zombies are very hard to kill and the only way to be sure is to splatter their brains everywhere. This device has been constructed with exactly that in mind. It’s possible that Joerg himself might be in need of a little head check…

Sprave has uploaded a video of his device that demonstrates just how brutal it is at exploding heads and which has already enjoyed many views from morbid mad-people like you. It truly is deSpraved… depraved… never-mind.

Source – Gizmodo

Zombie Apocalypse Weapons
Zombie Apocalypse Weapons
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