This Gun iPhone Case Could Be The Most Dangerous Accessory In Existence

Like to live life on the wild side? Then how about investing in an iPhone case that will literally put you in danger of being shot at every time you use your phone? This will make commutes to work, walks in the park and all other outdoor activities a lot more adventurous and full of excitement. But most likely, you’ll just end up getting arrested, or kicked out of school for sure.


The Gun Grip Case is essentially a case that turns your iPhone into the barrel of a gun allowing you to hold it in one hand by a handle and trigger. When you put it in your pocket though is when the illusion becomes complete, as at this point you’ll have just the handle of a gun sticking out. Which as mentioned, may mean you get shot at.

But other than this slight downside, what else does the Gun Grip Case have going for it? Well it does mean you can ‘quick draw’ your phone which is pretty awesome. Only thing is, the phone will be facing the wrong way and you’ll have to contort your arm strangely and painfully to look at it. Oh and it doesn’t look like it would offer much protection at all should you actually drop your phone.

gun iphone case outside

Definitely one for the ‘novelty gift’ column then but definitely a cool gimmick nonetheless!

Source – Tuaw


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Looks Cool, But Probably Too Dangerous To Use In Public

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