Guitarists, Could it Finally be Time to Say Goodbye to Cables?

Being in a constant tangle of wires can cramp the style of any guitarist who wants to throw themselves around the stage like a real rock star. If you want to really get the sound you want though using an amp or soundboard, then you will have had to rely on cables in order to achieve it… Until now!

wirelss guitar jack

The Jack Wireless Guitar Streamer is likely to be a dream come true for many guitarists and allows you to stream your sound straight from the guitar to any device. So no more tripping over wires! You can finally try pulling off that mid-solo backflip… All you need to do is plug it into the jack you would normally plug the wire into and then set up the connection to receive the stream.

wireless jack plugged in

And it’s not limited to just guitarists either. Electric violin players, keyboard players and anyone else can likewise liberate themselves from their cables. You can even use the device to stream straight to a computer or smartphone allowing you to record your input directly using your favorite music software and apps.

how to set up wireless guitar jack

Say goodbye to your stage snake!

Source – Kickstarter & Uncrate

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