Guitar Case Lunch Box Turns Any Room Into Van Halen’s Green Room (NO BROWN M&MS, GOT IT?)

Now, this just makes us grin.

Imagine a take on the barroom scene in DESPERADO in which a suspicious ne’er-do-well inspects and opens El Mariachi’s guitar case and finds not an array of assorted death-dealing toys, but a Capri Sun, banana, Sun Chips, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the crust cut off?

If your little Banderas promises not to go toting grenades, hand-cannons and a crotch-mounted gun that goes “bang” when you hump it, reward the tot’s more peaceable ways with this Guitar Case Lunchbox from the infinitely cool kids at Suck UK. This classic tin lunchbox even comes with its own assortment of 10 stickers to give it the look of a legendary six-string-slinger’s real well-traveled guitar case.

Bear in mind, you can’t hold us responsible if Junior decides to get his grins positioning the Rolling Stones tongue to take a long lick of a Chiquita banana.


Guitar Case Lunch Box 4Guitar Case Lunch Box 1Guitar Case Lunch Box 6Guitar Case Lunch Box 2Guitar Case Lunch Box 5Guitar Case Lunch Box 7Guitar Case Lunch Box 10Guitar Case Lunch Box 8Guitar Case Lunch Box 9Guitar Case Lunch Box 12Guitar Case Lunch Box 3Guitar Case Lunch Box 13Source – SuckUK

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