Guitar Boy Plays Winning Music And Retro Games Together

Combining two passions such as gaming and music is nothing new; take a listen to your favorite games sometime. Some newer games have incredible background tunes and epic musical masterpieces playing, especially during intense moments of game play. Although music and gaming commonly court each other, now, it seems someone married the two together… permanently.

It’s called ‘The Guitar Boy’ – a musical instrument/video game hybrid that was created for the 2015 Game Boy Classic build off – a yearly competition that challenges those who love the old 1989 Game Boy to recreate/re-purpose the game into… something else.


The winner was The Guitar Boy, crafted by a game loving blogger named ‘Fibbef’. The guitar’s base looks exactly like the original Game Boy, and all the buttons work to either play games on the 5” LCD display or control the volumes of the electric guitar. Whether you want to play retro games or strum a few riffs, now you can with this year’s winner.

Source – NerdApproved via BitFixGaming

8.5 Total Score
Rock and Roll / Gaming Awesomeness

Now you can strum the Tetris theme or shred Mario brothers mashup into the awesome jam ever.

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