Grypmat Flexible Tool Tray Keeps Tools & Parts In Place

It can be very frustrating to work on machinery when you are in a tight space and you have to juggle between tools, especially when there is not a flat surface to place them on, which there never seems to be.

Placing the tools that you need within arms reach where they can be easily held and not fall is what every mechanic tries to accomplish. In fact, this commonly happens, especially when many different tools are needed for a job while working on machinery, vehicle engines, or airplanes, it seriously hinders work.

Well, thanks to some innovative mechanics that are tired of spending their time looking for a place to ‘place’ their tools while working have designed a mobile tool tray that you can set ‘anywhere’. It’s totally flexible, and can grip onto any surface at nearly vertical levels. The grip is insane. No more having your tools and screws sliding all over the floor while you scream in rage! In addition, the Grypmat has a smooth, flexible surface that adheres to any surface, preventing scratches and dents from older tool trays. The mat is also flame resistant, anti-static, and non-magnetic, so it won’t get stuck or hard to remove on metal surfaces.

Keep your tools and parts close to you forever. Never again will you be scrambling across the floor to find those parts that got away.

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The surfaces we work on can be curved, angular, or slick, giving tools plenty of opportunity to get away

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