Grow Your Own Beer…Garden And Showcase Your Idea of a Balanced Diet

You know the ingredients of beer. Pft! Who doesn’t? But the idea of actually growing your own beer may have you saying ‘What the glug?’ Beer doesn’t grow on trees, but it sure as heck grows from plants.Not for those with black thumbs, show those liquor-drinking fiends your idea of a balanced diet with this inebriating domed ecosystem. Growing a garden of Barley, Hops, and Wheat is easy and entertaining, so put on that straw hat and those thick beer gloves and grow those grains!This kit provides everything a grower needs and is guaranteed to grow by the manufacturer for those essential ingredients in your own brand of beer. Hone that green thumb while you give those big beer brands a run for their money out of your home.

Besides, if you’ve ever been served warm beer from a tap that wasn’t stored at proper temperatures, you understand just how important it is to get it fresh. You never sacrifice quality and those hops-loving taste buds of yours will thank you when they get a taste of authentic, home-grown beer.

Name your own brew as your claim to fame. Bud Light? Pft, more like yeh right I can do this myself!

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