Grillight LED Grilling Spatula Makes Even the Oldest of Vampires Cringe At Its Brightness

Since 1897, everyone knew that vampires have avoided sunlight for centuries in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The decrepit vampire has been around for centuries and continues to be an icon of true terror with a killer appetite.You may not thirst for human flesh, but nonetheless mankind ends up eating megatons of pounds of meat on a daily basis. While the undead masses are drawn to the night, you don’t have to fear the unknown as your grilling party gets pumping after dark.A LED stainless steel spatula made by Grillight is perfect for those who’re aware of what lurks out at night, and will keep your burgers illuminated for a perfect taste. Grilling out a little early? Simply detach the flashlight in the handle when you don’t need it.

Even the King of the vampires will cringe when you shine your illumination-enhanced spatula of divine justice.

This makes grilling is so bright, you’ll have to wear shades at night.Grillight Spatula LED Flashlight (1)Grillight Spatula



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