Grenade Grips Are Comfortable Barbell Grips For Explosive Strength Gains

If you want some help packing on the muscles at the gym, throw these grenade grips in your bag and you will ‘explode’ at the gym, with huge gains. These little hand-held explosives grips will cause you to use more muscles during your reps, while at the same time giving you a superior grip on the bar.

In this way, it tricks your body into avoiding the muscle memory mechanism that prevent hug gains because of doing the same workout exercises, like bench presses and using dumbbells. In fact, these can adjust to fit even Olympic sized bars.

Grenade Grips are ideal for use in developing muscles around the wrists that are used in sports such as tennis, baseball, bowling, climbing and other sports that require a strong grip. And, they work!

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These grips are the bomb for recruiting more muscle

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