Green Magic Homes Kit Lets You Live Like A Hobbit

Owning a traditional home made of wood and plaster is out of the reach of more and more folks each year that passes, due to the national and international financial problems over the last couple decades. Price of popular building materials is forever rising, leaving most people far out of reach of owning their own homes. Not to worry, there are now alternative home structures that are cheaper and better designed – Green Magic Homes.

These are pre-fab homes made of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP), and specially designed to create the best uses of lighting, spaces, entry and connection of additional modules, to expand the home. These pre-fab FRB modules can easily be mounted anywhere onto a firm concrete bed, and these are optimized to be stacked on top of each other, for ease of transportation in shipping containers around the world.

In this way, many building modules/homes can be shipped in containers anywhere housing is needed or desired. Easy to set up, blends effortlessly into the natural surroundings and will last longer than traditional homes in every way. The future of home construction is Green Magic Homes.

Source – GreenMagicHomes

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