Grassy-Feel Lawn iPhone Case Is Like Having A Park In Your Hand

There Are a Lot of Unique iPhone Covers Out There but This One Hit it Out of the Park!

There are a lot of clever iPhone covers out there that are always catching our eyes on the tube or bus. Some turn phones into classic GameBoys, others make them look like chocolate bars, others still cassette tapes. But there’s a good chance that you won’t have seen one quite like this before…


The imaginatively named ‘Grass iPhone Cover‘ is pretty much what you’d expect it to be with a name like that: an iPhone cover that looks like it’s made entirely out of grass. Flip your iPhone over with this on and it will look a lot like a thin slab of Astroturf. Why? Well, why not?

Sure, the resulting look is a little weird, but it’s also actually pretty eye-catching in bright green, the soft texture is nice in the hand and in the pocket and the color green is somehow relaxing. And this isn’t just any old grass either… oh, no! Rather, this is grass that is modelled specifically after


Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park!

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Just don’t drop your phone while you’re out playing gold or walking in the park… it will be so well camouflaged you’ll never find it again!



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