Graphene-Enhanced LED Lightbulbs Are a Serious Upgrade to LED Lights

Graphene is the amazing nanomaterial that is pretty much taking numerous industries by storm. One particularly surprising area though is in LED lighting, where graphene-enhanced LEDs are representing a significant upgrade over what we’re used to.

Lighting has becoming increasingly efficient over time and this is a move that is being pushed very much by the energy-saving eco-conscious crowd. Whereas incandescent bulbs once needed 60W to provide enough light, LED equivalents can now do the same for just 10W and will last over ten times longer. But Graphene Lighting PLC is taking that even further with their graphene enhanced LED light bulb.

graphene lightbulb

These uses a graphene coated LED that is shaped into a filament. This then provides a further 10% increase in efficiency. While that might not sound like much at first, if you consider how many lights are in the typical home or office and how long they are used for, it’s easy to see how this would add up to a large amount of energy saved. In time we can expect these lightbulbs to get more efficient too so watch this space and certainly keep an eye on graphene!

Source – Geek via Graphene

LED Light Bulbs
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