GoVision HD Video Recording Sunglasses Help You Capture Your Most Exciting Moments

Do you enjoy doing exciting things? Do you like doing those things outdoors? Do you hate having to drag a camera along to get it all on video? If you said yes, then get ready to have your mind blown by the GoVision HD video recording sunglasses. If you think it sounds like a sci-fi movie, then you’d also be right. Except for now these sunglasses are in real life and they’re here to stay. With this piece of tech on your face, you’ll always be ready to capture that stellar footage no matter the activity.

GoVison’s video recording sunglasses record in 1080p HD as the name suggests, meaning that your video captured with crystal clear quality. They also feature video stabilization and autofocusing to make sure that your shot is clear even when moving. Control the camera with an easy touch of a button and it will start to record. GoVison makes several models of recording glasses with varying battery life on each one. However, the battery can last up to 4 hours of recording so you don’t miss a beat. Also depending on the model, the glasses are waterproof including being submerged for up to 3 minutes. Your adventures aren’t limited just to land. Take them waterskiing, fishing, or to the beach without worrying about them being damaged by water. These glasses are tough and meant to keep up with you wherever the road leads.

When you’re done recording, just pop out the microSD card and get your pictures to the computer for viewing. The process is easy and quick, leaving you with just beautiful pictures, no hassle. For anyone looking to capture their adventures on video, these glasses are a must. Plus, you get to protect your eyes from UV light and look great doing it!


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