Gourmia Portable Charcoal Electric BBQ Grill Reduces 90% Smoke

Who doesn’t like to grill their food? Most people do because it makes food taste better, however, grilling food indoors can cause some smoke-filled problems, especially if you have smoke detectors in your house.

Not to worry, now people who love to grill indoors don’t have to worry about smoke billowing throughout the kitchen, with this cleverly designed double grill pan system – the Gourmia GBQ330 Portable Charcoal Electric BBQ Grill. It reduces the amount of smoke produced by grilling food by 90%, making it ideal for indoor use.

Even if you want to use it outdoors on the patio, this portable charcoal electric BBQ grill will keep the smoke away, so as not to annoy your neighbors. One of the biggest benefits from this portable grilling wonder is that it is easy to clean because all electronic parts are removable.

With an easy carry travel bag, now picnics, ballgames, camping, or sitting at the pool side are opportunities to grill with friends and family.

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Smell the flavor - not the smoke

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