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Gourmia GKM9000 WiFi Multi Cooker Is Like Having Your Own In-House Chef

Do you like cooking? Many people wish they could cook, but they don’t know how or have never had the opportunity and time to learn. Going to school for cooking is just not an option for most, not to mention all of the cooking utensils, pots and pans, or kitchen appliances like an oven you would also need to buy.

Well, now, people who want to cook don’t need to buy anything except the Gourmia GKM9000 Multicooker, it is the only countertop cooker you need. Why is that? Because, this cleverly designed countertop multicooker is like having your own in-house chef.

It has a 7-inch LCD display that you can watch step-by-step videos that show you how to prepare the meals you want to cook, from beginning to end. It also has Wi-Fi, along with an Android operating system that lets you connect to the Internet, where you can download recipes and cooking videos. And, it has an app that will even monitors the progress of your meal inside the cooker.

It includes a built-in scale, a capacity of 3.5 quarts, it can cook rice and pasta, it steams, it chops, it grinds, it blends, grates, whips and it may even make your bed in the morning, if your nice enough? But, seriously, if you want some help in the kitchen, this is it.


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Now you can cook anything. Bon Appetit!

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$599.99 Buy Here
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