Gourmia Electric Raclette Party Grill Is A Sombrero-Shaped Marvel Of Meat

This is the Electric Raclette Party Grill from Gourmia. It is a “grill sombrero.” It is an electric sombrero that grills things.

“Cellar door” is no longer the single most beautiful-sounding of the English language’s nearly infinite possible combinations of words. “Grill sombrero.” We now understand the meaning of love.

Were this an actual hat, we can assure you we would never wear anything else ever again.Why would we? Our hat would cook succulent vegetables and gloriously savory meats before onlookers’ very eyes. We apologize profusely, but the 86 words preceding this sentence have triggered a simultaneous chorus of orgasms throughout our offices.

To our unquantifiable sadness, Gourmia’s Electric Raclette Party Grill is not an actual wearable sombrero bedecked with a meaty bounty. We forgive what it is not because of the ethereally inspired truth of what it is: a discerning carnivore’s interactive delight that prepares traditional raclette plates while party guests look on and salivate. Deck the spikes arrayed around the sombrero’s spire with your chosen cuts of beef, chicken, pork, bread, shrimp and seafood as you fill the brim below with potatoes, vegetables, and more. Meanwhile, fill up to six individual raclette pans in the lowest brim with sauces, cheeses. dips and the like to slowly prepare your plate’s perfect finishing touches.

The Gourmia Electric Raclette Party Grill is a gourmet culinary odyssey looking to embark wherever you choose. Lace your hungry anticipation with entertainment as you witness the grilling and melting magnificence of appetizers, entrees and desserts brought to life from its included grill and raclette recipe book, all deliciously prepared for you and your guests as you meditate on the shapely, festive sombrero in its perfect state: covered with food.

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Slapping Meat On A Sobrero Has Never Been More Fun

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