GoPro HERO6 Black Automatically Edits Your Videos With 4K at 60FPS Unheard-Of Performance

The true measure of an industry leader can be observed by witnessing a refusal to rest on one’s laurels at the top of the mountain. With the introduction of the trailblazing HERO6 Black, GoPro appears determined to make the mountain that much steeper for competitors to climb in order to claim their throne.

The HERO6 Black stands up in performance and specs as the remote aeronautic hardware developer’s most impressively designed drone to date. The powerful proprietary GP1 processor is the backbone of the brand-new mountable, waterproof Fusion 5.2K spherical camera’s unprecedented video stabilization and 4K60 and 1080p240 resolution. Meticulously refined from the ground up with the goal of pushing GoPro’s image-quality threshold to its absolute limit, this ultra-advanced processor doubles video framerates from all previous HERO generations and automates every benefit to allow users to forego manually tinkering with more complex settings. The GP1 also propels the HERO6 Black’s groundbreaking machine learning and computer vision, talents that allow it to improve automated QuikStories performance through astute visual scene analysis and detailed sensor data. Such peerlessly deep features have rarely been so enticingly easy to explore.

Speaking of, the companion GoPro App’s effortlessly intuitive QuikStories feature lets pilots share rapidly transferred short videos offloaded at 5GHz WiFi three times faster than any GoPro drone preceding the HERO6 Black. Hands-on impressions have additionally more than validated the astounding clarity added to captures under any set of conditions by the low-light performance optimization and vastly revamped dynamic range, and the newly added touch digital zoom is truly a joy to play with in both RAW and HDR photo modes. It’s one thing to claim, based on a sexy set of specs alone, that no drone available today stands a chance of capturing sharper images than yours. It is another matter entirely to prove with its performance that no competing drone makes professional-grade aerial photography quite so simple or efficient in practice.

Ah, but how does it handle in flight? In short, like any remote aviator’s dream. In addition to WiFi, the GoPro HERO6 Black also offers handy Bluetooth connectivity and voice controls programmed in 10 languages. When it takes to the air, trust the equipped GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope to deftly maneuver your drone into position for seemingly any shot you could desire. Should you be forced into a soggy landing, take heart: the HERO6 Black is waterproof to 33 feet (10m), buying you a little bit of time to retrieve a fallen flier. This model hits shelves already fully compatible with the Karma mount’s GPS guidance to keep you fully framed in any shot by following the Karma Controller while you’re in motion, Watch mode to hold the Karma Controller in frame during hovering rotations, Cable Cam to map intricate shots with up to 10 individual waypoints and Look Up Tilt to vertically angle the camera for a view above the horizon. This drone is easily as athletic as it is intelligent.

The latest member of the HERO series is available now at a $499.99 price point wherever GoPro drones and accessories are sold.

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