Google’s Robotic Dog is Eerily Realistic When Walking & Getting Kicked

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The video of Boston Dynamics’ ‘BigDog’ robot getting kicked and managing to maintain its balance has become somewhat legendary now as a fantastic example of how far robotics has come.

But this latest video from Google (who bought the company in 2013) shows a new four legged robot called ‘Spot’. And this one is actually frighteningly realistic in the way it handles various terrain – even including stairs (Daleks are old news now!).

It’s the part where Spot, the robot dog gets kicked though that is truly astonishing. The way that this robot scrabbles to find its footing is so realistic and impressive to be almost scary!

Source – Mashable


Zoomer Interactive Puppy Robot
Zoomer Interactive Puppy Robot
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