Google Wi-Fi Promises Better, Simplified Wi-Fi To Blanket Your Entire Home

Google pretty much dominates the internet. It’s only fitting that they decided to be even more connected into this world of yours with their second attempt at a home wi-fi. This Google Wi-fi promises to make the entire process much easier and better for blanketing your entire home in google signal, bringing us one step closer to our internet overlords to take over the world much like skynet. But I jest….

Without Wi-Fi in homes, everyone in the family would be tethered to one location for Internet, which is not appealing at all. No, people are used to Wi-Fi, and the better the signal and service, the more satisfied they are.

Well, Google understands the needs of today’s net citizens, and has developed a Wi-Fi station to make surfing the net possible, anywhere in the house. It is specially designed to replace your router so that your family can enjoy a faster signal in ‘every’ room of the house.

For many routers with WiFi, the coverage is limited, and there are usually placed in a home that can’t get a signal. With Google WiFi, that problem is eliminated. It can even manage multiple devices downloading and streaming at the same time, at the same speed, by avoiding congestion, which is a ‘big’ problem when there are lots of people in a house.

With a simple app, you have total control over your home’s network, and you can make multiple passwords for different users in the house to best regulate Internet use, which is good news for parents.

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