Google Project Wing Brings Drone Delivery Service To Your House By 2017

You haven’t heard about Google Project Wing? It’s a flying ‘drone’ delivery service that will be operational by 2017. Let that sink in for a second, drones flying high above us on a daily basis, just another lovely piece of technology that is reshaping everything we do as a civilization, like delivering stuff to your front door step… or roof? Is this a good thing? It’s a potentially scary thing, as it is an amazing thing and idea.

Morse code, the telephone, radio, television and the internet have all altered humanity in many ways, both for the good, and the bad. The Google Project Wing – a flying drone delivery service that can deliver a physical package over a distance on 5 miles in 5 minutes is definitely a social interactive technology that will have yet unseen results, both bad and good.

And, adapting to the expected changes drone technology will bring, and directing the attention towards the betterment of humanity, is the best way to face the coming changes. That being said, it is an amazing idea, and the service is bound to make aviation history; compelling FAA to regulate who can use it, and why?



Source – Pocket-Lint


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