Google Home Is The Brains In The House That’s Always Listening In

Has anyone ever asked you who has the brains in your house? Well, now, there is no more wondering because Google Home becomes the central brain of your home and of all the ‘smart’ appliances you have.

Gone are the days fumbling through your vast collection of remote controls, now, you just say what you want to know, what you want to hear or what you want to do, and it gets done.

This voice-activated wonder device is mankind’s future because it is connected to the Internet and everything you want to do is there. Is there something you need to know, right now? A recipe, school information, or you want to stream music, turn the lights down low, order delivery food, or call an Uber car? All you have to do is just say it loud enough Google Home can hear you, and you’ll have what you want.

Not only that, there are new apps coming out for it that can even help you to monitor your home’s activities while your away, such as when your kids are home, or when someone enters your home. The best part about the this brainy personal agent is that it has near limitless uses, as new apps and smart appliances become available for it to sync with, and for you to control.

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