Google Clips Camera Automatically Takes The Perfect Pictures By Learning Your Favorite Faces

Stop taking yourself out of the picture. The lightweight, hands-free Google Clips digital camera lets you capture the impossible-to-forget moments you’re only a part of once in a lifetime and actually join in the memory-making without flipping a coin to decide who steps out of the fame to handle shooting.

Sometimes, being your family and friends’ ad hoc photographer in a pinch can be downright heartbreaking. One minute, you’re taking part in something that will never come around again, whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime meeting with a childhood hero or a landmark vacation with your kids when they’re at an age that seems to pass in a heartbeat. The next, someone needs to handle the camera, and someone drew you a short straw when you weren’t looking. We dub thee, “Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Snapshot.”

Well, Google spared a few practical-minded geniuses from revolutionizing the internet as we know it, mapping seemingly every speck of the Earth in high definition and building self-driving vehicles to work this everyday disappointment out with a practical workaround – Google Clips. The next time you need a social media-ready still or video snippet of your kids playing like the precocious scamps they are, feel free to get on the floor and join the merriment. You can set this versatile camera down on the nearest flat surface or clip it to a chair and set off the shutter with either the device’s own button or the corresponding control on its accompanying app. While you’re digitally bottling those lighthearted instants forever, prepare to be surprised at what Google Clips quietly achieves.

As you shoot with Google Clips, it “learns” to take better pictures. Google introduced machine learning capabilities to help Clips recognize ideal moments to shoot as soon as you turn it on with increasing ease. By rapidly analyzing the clearest, most stable shots of people who seem to show up most frequently in your photos, the camera quickly acknowledges what it understands to be the dearest faces and happenings in your world. Syncing your photos wirelessly with the Android or iOS Google Clips app takes mere seconds, much like swiping to delete or save your moments and earmarking individual frames from video captures as high-resolution still images. Whatever you save in Google Clips, you can view and organize anytime you like in Google Photos with unlimited free backups or any other preferred gallery app.

The development of Google Clips and its app also maintained an easily admirable emphasis on privacy, especially in the wake of high-profile cloud storage hacks plaguing iCloud and Yahoo! users over the past several years. However, Clips also displays an equally thoughtful consideration for the subjects it might capture. The camera lights up when in use to let everyone around it know that Clips is indeed filming. Additionally, it functions best when allowed to acclimatize to consistent surroundings where it can get to “know” recurring characters in your captures. All machine learning takes place strictly within the device itself, and not one single pixel it captures leaves the hardware you personally save and share it.

With performance optimized with parents and pet owners foremost in mind – again, that emphasis on becoming increasingly familiar with certain figures after ongoing encounters with them – the first edition of Google Clips will arrive soon in the United States for $249 and notably advantageous performance when used in tandem with Google Pixel, as well as compatibility with Samsung S7/8 models and iPhone 6 and up.

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