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Good&Co would like to remind us all that if you do something you love for a living, you’ll never work a day in your life. That’s supposed to encapsulate the all-satisfying aspiration of pursuing a livelihood that never starves one for a reason to tumble out of bed every Monday morning. Knowing someone out there will actually give you money (lots of it, hopefully) to do something you already enjoy and want to invest your time in affords the individuals who live that dream with a zeal for achievement few realities could ever hope to equal. They experience moments of divine clarity in which they smile to themselves, shake their heads in amazement and acknowledge, “I get paid to do this with these fantastic people.”

Here’s another saying you might be familiar with: “Nice work, if you can get it.”

The social engineers and career-building gurus who created Good&Co believe there’s just such a personally gratifying job out there for everyone. Their philosophy just happens to dictate that finding these plum gigs comes down to knowing where to look and recognizing a waste of time when one sees it.

“Tell Us About Yourself”

In a way, it helps to think of this app as a perpetual light-hearted placement interview, as opposed to some process with a binary set of success-or-failure outcomes. Good&Co boasts a substantial battery of interesting personality quizzes dwarfed in size only by the variety in their database of companies with established templates for the intangible qualities their most successful employees exhibit. Here’s the kicker: instead of a linear flowchart branching among various combinations of multiple choice responses, you measure where your answers fall between two theoretical extremes using sliding bars. Starting from the end of your very first brief quiz, the app’s algorithm then converts your replies into a personalize Strength Card highlighted by a set of three key “personas” represented by famous exemplars of your most prevalent qualities.

Interestingly, your trio is hardly set in stone. Quite the contrary: the more questions you answer and quizzes you complete, the greater the chance that the app’s ongoing measure of your makeup will evolve its snapshot of your thought processes and working style from that initial trio of Albert Einstein (Inventor), Steve Jobs (Visionary) and Barack Obama (Idealist) to a conclave of Obama, Pope Francis (Advocate) and Richard Branson (Maverick) with all new summaries and career and communication guidance accompanying each.

Naturally, Good&Co isn’t some giving tree that just lets anyone drink of its wisdom without it asking something in return. While its interactivity is not monetized, its structure expects you to earn your opportunity to partake of its most revealing quizzes by accruing “karma.” Most of the ways you build up the app’s currency entail social interaction, be it introducing the app to friends, sharing your results via Facebook or Twitter, and particularly following individual companies within their network and completing quizzes to determine how well you might mesh within their respective established cultures.

In a nutshell: take quizzes to flesh out an in-depth personality profile and earn karma to take more quizzes, a Mobius strip intended to guide you toward zeroing in on prospective employers where you would fit like a hand in a glove. Your pursuit of various companies then earns you more karma, which you will then invest toward taking more quizzes.

Better Together

It really is a fairly simple, useful and elegant concept: an app that lets you network selectively according to the best stuff that makes you who you are. We all have our “tribe,” an elite close-knit circle of friends, loved ones and colleagues around us who share our particular hunt for happiness. Good&Co makes it easy to compare and contrast your personality’s composition not just against high-achieving individuals from Kanye West to Napoleon Bonaparte but the people you interact with on a daily basis. Additional features allow users to seek out like-minded strangers near them and even form team-building groups to fine-tune how coworkers blend their talents for a greater cause.

However, the highlight is arguably Good&Co’s professional networking tools. If you don’t have a well-maintained LinkedIn account, this is an opportune moment to create one. You’ll need one to follow individual companies as diverse in size and scope as 100 Black Men of America, Google, 103.2 Dublin City FM, Starbucks and Target, to name a few among the 2,000-plus organizations the app has cataloged.

Keep up with quizzes. Deepen your profile and pursue quality matches. You can examine individual job openings within each participating company. If something doesn’t pan out, try another match. As job hunts on the road to profound self-discovery go, you are indeed in good company.

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