Golfing Jetpack Golf Cart Flies 3000 Feet High For Those Really Tough Shots

It’s not easy being a professional golfer these days because of the limitations of getting around in golf carts, that is why professional golfer Bubba Watson and Oakley have joined forces to combat the ground based golf cart dilemma, to free up valuable time it takes golfers to go from hole to hole.

The answer to this problem is amazingly simple – a 200 hp engine jetpack that propels the pilot/golfer from hole to hole up to 3000 feet hight at 50 mph, no more wasted time ‘walking’ or getting around in a slug paced golf cart.

It’s a brilliant idea, once you think about it. Each unit only costs $200,000-ish, just a ‘little’ more than the average gold-plated golf cart, but well worth the few extra dollars, considering you have a birds-eye view of the lay-of-the-land, at a maximum height of 3,000 feet.

Sure you have to get a little flight training, but if your time is a valuable commodity, and you want to make 18 holes, then strap on this golf jetpack and play-through.

Bubba Watson Golf Jetpack 9Bubba Watson Golf Jetpack 4Bubba Watson Golf Jetpack 2Bubba Watson Golf Jetpack 8Bubba Watson Golf Jetpack 65Bubba Watson Golf Jetpack 5

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