Gold Vending Machine Delivers Gold Bullion And Bricks On Demand

Show of hands, everyone: who out there has read Ayn Rand’s ATLAS SHRUGGED to completion?

Stop laughing.

For those who haven’t taken a deep dive into Rand’s envisioned socialist pre-dystopia, the plot centers on the mystery of John Galt, a brilliant engineer who “quits” society entirely when he feels decidedly underappreciated and founds his own hidden settlement alongside other put-upon geniuses. One catch: gold is the only currency of “Galt’s Gultch”.

Somehow, this has become a thing.

In what may just be the most mind-bogglingly opulent concept we’ve seen in a bit, Gold to Go is a vending machine specializing in something far more precious and sought-after than even Funyuns: various sizes of gold bars and bold bullion coins.

Oh, it also happens to be gold-plated.

Incredibly, this isn’t exactly brand-new. The Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi introduced the very first model several years go. Sheesh, and to think, we scoff at the price of Pepsi from hotels in Toronto.

Gold being gold, this obviously isn’t exactly like forking over couch change for a Snickers. Thanks to the machine’s internet connectivity, prices can adjust uniformly to prices based on market value. The very first Gold to Go machines to operate stateside can now be found in Atlantic City, at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, and in Manhattan.

Gold Vending MachineGold Vending Machine 1Gold Vending Machine 3


Source – BoingBoing via GoldToGo

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