Gnomesville Has A Garden Gnomes Army Takes Over Australia Town

You may be young, but Earth is over 4.5 billion years old. Yikes! Though we fantasize about magical realms, you may be surprised to find some magical places right here on Earth. What’s the most magical? Is it Lake Retba, the pink lake so salty you can float in it? How about the tunnel of love in Ukraine, which is fabled to satisfy a sincere desire if a loved one walks down it with you?

It’s gotta be Gnomesville, Australia. You didn’t think the Travelocity gnome came from nowhere did you? This tourist spot is known for having hundreds of gnomes and in fact, tourists themselves are encouraged to bring gnomes of their own to add to the gnome décor. Just don’t damage the other gnomes or it’s considered bad luck!

Gnomesville Garden Gnome Army 12Gnomesville Garden Gnome Army 2Gnomesville Garden Gnome Army 13Gnomesville Garden Gnome Army 1Gnomesville Garden Gnome Army 8Gnomesville Garden Gnome Army 7Gnomesville Garden Gnome Army 11Gnomesville Garden Gnome Army 9Gnomesville Garden Gnome Army 6Gnomesville Garden Gnome Army 10Gnomesville Garden Gnome Army 3Gnomesville Garden Gnome Army 5Gnomesville Garden Gnome Army 4

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