GloveTacts Makes All Gloves Touch Sensitive For Touchscreen Devices

Mobile devices of all sizes and brands have come to be irreplaceable parts of peoples’ lives, wherever they may be. Because weather and climate change geographically, in areas where snow and rain is frequent, using mobile touch-screen devices becomes difficult, especially when wearing gloves or using moist, wet hands.

It can be frustrating to say the least when you can’t answer the phone or reply to a text message because you are wearing gloves. Not anymore, because there is now a conductive material that is touch sensitive and can fit on the tip of your gloves, so you can interact with your smartphone or mobile device in cold or wet weather, and it’s called GloveTacts – a material that makes any glove touchscreen compatible.

The material is hardy, machine washable and is guaranteed to stick onto ‘any’ glove, thus turning it into a touch sensitive glove you can use in all-weather; a ‘handy’ item, indeed!


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