Glitter-Roots Hair Is A Styling Adventure Not For The Faint Of Heart

So, we just want to be sure we’re clear on this: reaching the summit of cutesy couture may demand slathering our hair in the herpes of crafts? Hair-herpes?

Hold that thought. We’re making popcorn for this shit.

Looking like Stripperella the Sparkle-Elf this season requires just a touch of pomade and whatever sparkly bits you may have leftover from Halloween, your last decorative DIY adventure, or the most recent Amateur Night at The Bushy Beaver.

Part to your liking, then dab the pomade near your hairline. That will adhere the glitter to your roots as you sprinkle and spangle away. Might we also suggest, covering every single thing your hair might conceivably touch in Saran-Wrap. This crap gets everywhere and stays there all by its lonesome. Hazard a guess just how many more times stubbornly it will linger with an adhesive?

Yeah, that brings us to a third recommendation: lots and lots and lots of shampoo. You will need it.

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