Glitter Beards Are The New Festive Holiday Trend And Here’s The Top 30

Think back a few weeks to when we first shared the catastrophic coiffures of the glitter-roots trend in hairstyling. We’d bet you convinced yourself that craft-herpes couldn’t be more unfortunately abused than by adhering the stuff to one’s scalp with pomade, eh?

How very damn you wrong you all were. For all the artful braiding and molding that men have put into beards we bow before without reservation, the rising popularity of dousing facial hair in glitter makes us want to shave twice a day.

Oh, you heard us. Fresh from Instagram just a bit too late for Movember 2015, seemingly perfectly sane men have taken to displaying their commitment to Sparkle Motion by making their faces look like strippers rolled around on them for an hour or two. Somehow, we have yet to see anyone just go whole-hog and weave some tinsel in there.

We’re pretty sure we’d rather not even guess at how much of that gunk makes a new home gumming up razors and electric trimmers by the hundreds. Yeesh.

Glitter-Beards (26)Glitter-Beards (30)Glitter-Beards (2)Glitter-Beards (3)Glitter-Beards (29)Glitter-Beards (6)Glitter-Beards (27)Glitter-Beards (7)Glitter-Beards (4)Glitter-Beards (10)Glitter-Beards (5)Glitter-Beards (8)Glitter-Beards (15)Glitter-Beards (13)Glitter-Beards (16)Glitter-Beards (11)Glitter-Beards (12)Glitter-Beards (19)Glitter-Beards (22)Glitter-Beards (20)Glitter-Beards (21)Glitter-Beards (25)Glitter-Beards (24)Glitter-Beards (17)Glitter-Beards (18)Glitter-Beards (23)Glitter-Beards (9)Glitter-Beards (14)

Source – SoBadSoGood via Instagram

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