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Gittler Guitar Is A Headless Electric Guitar For Musical Minimalism

If you’ve heard of the original Gittler – a non-traditional guitar that has become a musician’s dream come true, then you will be even more amazed by this new classic model. Crafted entirely from aircraft grade titanium, this unique guitar is the epitome of minimalism; streamlined to musical instrument perfection.

If you are a collector of fine guitars, then this will surely become one of your prized possessions. Some musicians have gone so far as to call it ‘the Holy Grail’ of musical instruments, because of it’s all metal body and precision rounded frets, patented tuning machines, and its the world’s first guitar that sports 6 discrete transducers that magnetically shield each string for a high degree of isolation from crosstalk.

Basically, the sounds it produces is pure enough to challenge the Devil to a duel. There are many more features to discover, such as LED fret lighting, superb MINI tracking and an integrated balancing arm that has a 360 degree range of motion. If you want to produce the best sounding music in the world, then the minimalist Gittler Classic Model Guitar is the musical masterpiece you’ll need.

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$5,750.00 Buy Here
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