Girl Scout Cookie Cereal Is Coming For Breakfast Real Soon

The Girl Scouts – an organization that has help countless young girls to learn about themselves by working with others their age through courses that interact with nature and wildlife.

Over the past few decades, the Girl Scouts of The United States of America has evolved. Now, the organizations teaches girls more than just survival skills like building a fire and foraging for food, young girls also learn how to successfully market and sell Girl Scout cookies door-to-door, or by networking through friends of family members.

These are all necessary skills to survive in the human jungle, and countless girls have benefited from the training. Now, the Girl Scouts is arming their young ladies with a new product to take down the street and door-to-door – Girl Scout cookie cereal.

Oh, it’s real, and now folks everywhere will have the chance to help their local Girl Scout sell their fair share of limited edition Girl Scout cookie cereal that comes in two flavors, Thin Mint and Caramel Crunch.

Source – CNN

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