Giant Watermelon Beach Ball Makes This Fun Fruit Throwing Sport Safer

This Giant Watermelon Beach Ball has seemingly embraced one of the few uses for America’s sweetest favorite fruit that has seemingly flown under the radar.

We’ve occasionally wondered, does anyone ever just tuck in and eat these things? Pinterest has demonstrated conclusively that a planeload-sized watermelon may be the most revolutionary artistic medium this side of fresco. Not going to lie, between some clever paint jobs and incredible carving tricks, we’ve seen some works of art that look almost too impressive to eat in whole slices or dismember with a melon-baller.

This quality 20″ inflatable toy solves one of the greatest quandaries weighing down this titan of the produce aisle and county fair alike: how exactly does one chuck a watermelon about in a crowd without risking braining some poor bystander with a misplaced Herculean heave?

Luckily, you can take this big fella anywhere and do just about anything EXCEPT gobble it down and whittle out ornate sculptures.

Huh. Anyone else feel like a watermelon we can throw at our friends and family but can’t eat or convert to works of art is two steps back to take one step forward?

Source – BigMouthInc

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