Giant Poker Set Is Great For Big Bets, Bigger Fun

You know what they say about poker: go big or play with regular-sized cards and chips. Aside from this Giant Poker set from Paladone’s Gentlemen’s Club collection being a bit more fun, it’s basically the same game.

It’s a complete deck of 54 oversized 28cm x 20cm (about 11″ x 7.9″) playing cards paired with 108 9cm poker chips for an outlandish good time and hopefully some big gambles to match. Unless you happen to have a head the size of a planetoid with a forehead one could land jumbo jets on, Indian Poker isn’t exactly practical, but otherwise? From Omaha to Texas Hold ‘Em, the fun translates just fine.

As an added bonus, suddenly skittish Strip Poker players have an unusually convenient option for covering up the cash and prizes when someone forgets that holding nothing but red cards of both suits doesn’t win a damn thing except more suggestions to finally watch ROUNDERS and take careful notes.


Giant Poker Set (5)Giant Poker Set (4)Giant Poker Set (3)Giant Poker Set (2)

Source – Paladone

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The stakes in this game are HUGE

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