Giant Inflatable Bowling Game Set Ensures a STRIKING Good Time for All Ages

Maybe you bowl a perfect 300 each time, or maybe you still need bumpers. Whichever one of these you relate to best, the Kleeger Giant Bowling Game Set is just right. Blow up inflatable pins and ball make anyplace the bowling alley and any time the time for a few frames. Great for kids and adults alike, this oversized bowling game is sure to please.

Start with the included foot pump and inflate each of the 28” tall pins along with the ball. This process is easy enough for kids to use and the pump is designed to make the set-up part of the fun. They will have blast using the accordion style pump to inflate the game. When everything is inflated, set up your six pins and get ready to bowl. Each of the pins is weighted in the bottom so you can set them up anywhere without the worry of them blowing away or falling over on an uneven surface. Although a hard surface is best, these pins can be used in the grass as well making for a great addition to your backyard games. The 25” ball and pins are constructed from heavy duty PVC (health safe) plastic. The whole kit is waterproof and made to last through as many games as you can play.

If this GIANT list of perks isn’t enough, Kleeger offers a 1-year warranty behind their product so you can be assured that your purchase is safe. This 2018 Toy of the Year finalist is sure to provide endless hours of fun for everyone. Slip on some shoes (not the smelly rented bowling shoes) and pump your very own giant bowling game up to start the fun today.


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