Giant Hot Dog Beach Blanket Lets You Ketchup On Summer

Who doesn’t love a good hot dog. The iconic American food is practically associated with the season. Whether you like yours on the grill, over the fire, or boiled inside, hot dogs are a fun food and make for great wiener jokes. What could be better than a hot dog? The beach! Why not have both? With this gigantic hot dog beach blanket, you can.

Better than a plain old towel, this beach blanket is a perfect barrier between you and the sand. Claim your spot on the busy beach with an unmistakable towel. When you show up and ten other people have the orange and blue seashell towel you usually bring, you can laugh inside as they try to find which one is theirs. This giant hot dog can’t be mistaken or missed. It measures in at 5 feet wide so there’s plenty of room to sit, lay, or park your buns in any other way you like. It’s ultra-soft, so you’ll enjoy laying on it too.

The giant hot dog beach blanket is perfect for the beach or to use by the pool, at a picnic, concert, and more. Fun whether you’re the parent or the kid, the only difference is whether the giant wiener jokes will be inappropriate. The blanket is complete with all the condiments so all it’s missing is a tasty side of you (or your back or your front… we don’t care how you lay on it). For anyone looking for a fun way to shake up the normal routine this summer, this blanket is the way to go.

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